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We've introduced our first Android App! 

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Back2Black sample

 Back2Black - Black Background / Wallpaper

Finally, the perfect pure black background and all black wallpaper! 
When they say "Nothing is better," sometimes they really mean it!   
(Back2Black on Android Market)

 -  Simple, basic black; ultra-contemporary forever
 -  Makes all icons easy to see 
 -  May reduce battery use on AMOLED devices
 -  Fastest possible performance 
 -  Icons pop like the dev intended
 -  Does not fight with icon colors 
 -  Compatible with ALL launchers and home systems
 -  Smallest memory footprint -- on every device
 -  Cool, minimalist, ultra-modern feel 
 -  Beautifully complements black phone hardware
     (Makes screens with a black bezel appear bigger)
 -  Makes absolutely NO statement - cannot offend or inform
     (That frou-frou background could thwart your career!) 
Back2Black Market Link  -  Compatible with every theme and widget 
 -  Perfect for night-time use - won't annoy your partner 
 -  Looks great when you're wearing that new LBD
 -  Maximum contrast improves daylight viewing 
 -  Inspired by pre-big-bang ethos, yet supports post-apocalyptic leanings 
 -  Enjoyed by NASA astronauts in SPACE! (behind all stars) 
 -  Totally compatible with fancy widgets, and simple widgets, and all widgets in-between 
 -  Can you believe something so simple has so many completely awesome features?

To restore your old background or wallpaper, simply long-tap on any blank area of the display and select a Wallpaper.

Note: Internet access is no longer required! Also, now tested and approved for all TABLETS!  Yippee!

If this app isnt everything youd hoped for, please e-mail the dev at: dev@pfirth.com instead of leaving a negative review.
I might be able to fulfill your dreams.

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